ADR Transport News

Tracking Depot 053 John K Philips

10 February 2016

John K Philips Group have invested heavily with RAM Tracking to monitor the status of their extensive fleet of vehicles.
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Happy Birthday Dmitri Mendeleev

08 February 2016

Mendeleev is the man widely credited with ordering the periodic table of elements as we know it
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Support from the Chemical Business Association

05 February 2016

If you work in the Chemicals sector, we would recommend that you speak with the CBA
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Update on Harry Spavin

28 January 2016

Hazchem Network sponsors young Harry Spavin in his water-skiing endeavours
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In Support of "Lemmium"

13 January 2016

Name one of the four new Elements as “Lemmium”, in memory of Heavy Metal legend ‘Lemmy’ ?
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