Happy Birthday to us...

11 October 2019

 The Hazchem Network - Celebrating 15 years of excellence

At The Hazchem Network we are continually looking forward; a new hub, more advanced technology, legislation, HERS (Hazchem Emergency Response Service), constant change and improvement to benefit our members and their customers alike.  However, there are some occasions where it?s necessary to look back, taking a moment to reflect, probably not something we do often enough.

Today is one of those days! 15 years ago today a unique and exciting pallet network entered the industry, the brainchild of Ali Karim and the late Jim Scanlan. Two great minds, who, with great foresight and extensive knowledge, developed a pallet network focussed on dangerous goods distribution in the UK.  The Hazchem Network was launched; a blend of all the good that standard pallet networks offer, coupled with a tightly regulated framework and advanced technology to manage the ever changing and challenging legislation across its membership.  That first night we moved 43 pallets, we now move close to 2000 pallets and 500 parcels every night.

Fast forward 15 years, we have a robust, highly developed and sustainable ADR pallet and parcel network that can distribute goods across the UK and Europe.  One particular highlight occurred this year when we made the ove to a significantly larger self-contained new hub in Hinckley to accommodate the growth we have experienced and to plan for the future as this sector continues to grow.

As with any business, we recognise it?s our exceptional membership and employees that are the vital component to the network's continued success; their loyalty, enthusiasm and commitment have got us to where we are today.

We appreciate all our members but we would like to say a special thank you to the following depots who have been working with us as members since that first day back in October 2004.  They are:

003 Switch

015 Abacus Transport

018 Miniclipper Logistics

020 Coates Newmarket

022 Coates Rugby

025 RASE Distribution

026 Welch Transport

029 Taylors Transport

039 Bowkers

A massive thank you to all those past and present, we couldn't have come this far without you!!