2018 ADR Biennial Roadshow

19 April 2018

We all know that ADR regulatory changes are on a 2-yearly cycle, and that it is important to keep updated with any changes; as well as network with fellow colleagues involved in the carriage of Dangerous Goods to find solutions to the challenges we have to confront biennially. 

It has been very good of Labeline and HCB for organising these biennial events for helping pass updated information to the DG Logistics sector. 

Read our report from the 2016 Seminar HERE

If you or your customers are involved in the Logistics of Dangerous Goods, then the 2018 events are essential as well as cost-effective.

There will be two seminars, each with presentations from leading lights across the industry:

The Southern leg will be held at the prestigious Sheraton Skyline Hotel at Heathrow on 13th November 2018.

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The Northern event will be staged at the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester Airport on 15th November 2018. 

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Our Managing Director Ali Karim will be speaking at both events, presenting a paper on "Responding to Chemical Incidents" and will feature a serious incident from last year that forced the evacuation of the Hazchem Network Hub; until the toxic / corrosive vapours were managed / dissipated. The incident was featured in the March / April 2018 DG Column at Truck and Track Magazine - and can be accessed from this link HERE