Managing the Logistics of Dangerous Goods

05 April 2018

Our latest Dangerous Goods Column is out in the Easter 2018 issue of Truck and Track Magazine, and can be read online.

When managing the logistics of Dangerous Goods, for the professional operator - 99% of the time everything is "fine and dandy" but when it goes wrong, it can have very serious consequences unless the operator is prepared, planned ahead and has well trained staff.

We still get perturbed by some hauliers and consignors who either plead ignorance when consigning freight or not declaring goods under ADR legislation or in some rare cases, knowingly flout the law by what we term "black-wrapping" dangerous goods [masking the ADR Diamonds and Hazard information with opaque wrapping].

Neither of these activities can be morally defended, as this article will indicate - for when a serious incident involving dangerous goods occurs, only the professionals will do - for leaving it to the amateur may exacerbate the situation, making a drama into a full blown crisis.

So let us detail the circumstances of this serious incident at Hazchem Network that occurred in August 2017.

Click Here to read the article ?When the Phone Rings at 3 AM? online from Truck and Track Magazine