Training in South Wales

26 March 2018

At Hazchem Network, we plan ahead as much as we can, and essential to the planning process is training.

Not only is training integral to our own staff, as much of it is required by statute, as well as training specific to our roles. We recently ran First Aid refreshers last month as well as running ADR Awareness and Chemical Security for colleagues, and in the past worked with our colleagues at Fire and Rescue.

As 016 Owens Road Services have restructured their South Wales ADR operation, our Managing Director Ali Karim discussed training requirements with Depot Manager Andrew Price for their Bridgend team.

Two training sessions were organised, covering the topics -

Background to Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Classification of Dangerous Goods for Carriage, UN Number & Packing Groups, Limited Quantity [L.Q.], Warning from HSE on L.Q. contraventions, Receptacle issues [Cylinder, IBC, Drum, Can, Bags et al], Gas Cylinder issues, ADR Awareness, Security / HCDG / D f T ,lockdown, Documented Risk Assessment / Dynamic Risk Assessment, PPE deployment, Environmental considerations / Ventilation, Managing Spillages / releases of DG, Managing Chemical Incidents, ADR Special Provisions [e.g. SP 598], Liaison with Emergency Services ,Questions and Answers.

The training was documented for Andrew Price, and the Bridgend team enjoyed the anecdotes and insight which were all discussed in practical terms.

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