Hazchem Depots 083 / 084 Warehouse Expansion

07 March 2018

ADR Specialists Delivery Solutions [aka Delsol] offer new services to manufacturers in North Wales and the North West of England. This is due to an additional 80,000 sq ft of warehousing / storage space, which is part of Delsol's strategic expansion.

The warehouse is used by companies in North Wales as well as Cheshire and the Wirral to store raw materials, with Delsol transporting the goods to production sites for JIT manufacture.

Delsol then collects the finished products, storing them at the warehouse and finally delivering them around the globe to their clients? customers, using its fleet of 90 modern trucks and vans.

Delsol's Depots employ 127 people, delivers items around the UK and across the globe to retail, commercial, industrial and private addresses, for large companies through to small enterprises and personal customers.

Delsol managing director Dave Phillips hopes that the expansion will lead to further recruitment at the firm. "We initially took on 40,000 sq ft last October, which offered us 2,500 racking spaces. However, it was clear that there is a big demand in this area for warehousing, fulfilment and pick-and-pack, so we have taken on a further 40,000 sq ft. We now have a total of 5,000 racking spaces, plus some further storage space. In addition we have invested in a new pallet tracking and storage system."

Operations in the warehouse are overseen by Mike Wilcocks [who has been with the company for over a decade].

Originally founded in Bethesda, Gwynedd in 1999, Delsol opened a purpose-built delivery depot and warehouse facility in nearby Caernarfon in 2003, and six years later opened a second depot in Sandycroft, Deeside, Flintshire.

Delsol is part of the Hazchem network, moving thousands of items under strict ADR regulations, from perfumes and medicines to industrial solvents and paints; and is a member of APC Overnight the UK's largest independent parcel delivery network, as well as the TPN pallet network, which offers sustainable, cost effective and reliable distribution around the UK and Ireland, and into Europe.

More details available from www.deliverysolutions.uk.com, or call 01248 679933 or 01244 525090 to see how Delivery Solutions Ltd can help your organisation.