Harry's Game

20 February 2018

As you may be aware, Hazchem Network modestly supports young athlete Harry Spavin in his water-skiing endeavours, so following his report from 2017, and two reports from 2016 which are archived here and here - we present an update from 2018 -

As the 2017 season started I was still recovering from a dislocated elbow injury from the previous October.

I started back in the gym to regain strength in my arm, and I began skiing in February when I felt I was recovered sufficiently to get back onto the water.

My winter training began to a balmy 25 C in Louisiana, as opposed to the 3 C in wintery Great Britain. After a couple of months training, and a few visits down to Florida in March and April I was ready to take on the season.

After University, I travelled back to Florida to continue training for a busy summer ahead, returning home [Lincoln] in early June to continue my training.

I went to tournaments in June held in Oxford, Essex and Norwich, equalling my new slalom personal best which was a delight following my injuries last year. After my success in the June tournaments I went back to the training for the "Under 21 World Championships" in the Ukraine (July)

 After a great summer season in Europe; I improved my personal best scores in both Slalom and Tricks - also increasing my overall scores in the World, European and British Open Nationals

But soon it was time to return to University in Louisiana, for the "Fall Semester" [aka Autumn Term.]

I am now starting on the water in preparation for another busy year, on both sides of the Atlantic

I thank you all once again, for your continued sponsorship  

Harry Spavin

If you would like to get involved in sponsoring Harry Spavin then contact Rob or Tom Spavin direct at Hazchem 063 Spavin City Express

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