ADR / Chemical Awareness Training

30 November 2017

Hazchem Network held an Operations Training Day at our Rugby Hub on Sunday 26th of November. Operational members of the Hazchem Network Team, as well as HW Coates attended, and we invited APN approved Hub Staff to join us.

We were delighted to meet up with colleagues from Palletways, Palletline, UPN, TPN, Fortec, Pallex – while Palletforce and Pallettrack passed apologies as they were unable to attend.

The training was documented, so all who attended gained a certificate of attendance [formal ADR Awareness and ADR Transport Security] - with ample time to discuss specific issues, such as Transport Categories / Packing Groups and also Limited Quantity [LQ].  We displayed and discussed photo and video footage from CCTV of chemical incidents, D f T ‘Lockdown’ DVD on transport security, as well as footage of pressure releases of ruptured cylinder valves from High Pressure Gas Cylinders [Class 2].

All attendees were issued a comprehensive pack as a “handout” - which detailed legislation, chemistry & the issues we have to manage with ADR / DG - and crucially we all enjoyed a buffet lunch, while we [pardon the pun] ‘networked’.

Background to Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Classification of Dangerous Goods for Carriage

UN Number & Packing Groups

Limited Quantity [L.Q.]

Warning from HSE on L.Q. contraventions

Receptacle issues [Cylinder, IBC, Drum, Can, Bags et al]

Gas Cylinder issues

‘ADR Awareness’

Security / HCDG / D f T ‘lockdown’

Documented Risk Assessment / Dynamic Risk Assessment

PPE deployment

Environmental considerations / Ventilation

Managing Spillages / releases of DG

Managing Chemical Incidents

ADR Special Provisions [e.g. SP 598]

Liaison with Emergency Services 

Questions and Answers

All attendees appreciated the training; and due to interest we may hold another session next year.