Hazchem Network Continues to Expand

15 August 2017

The Hazchem Network’s infrastructure continues to expand, with growth in volumes throughput from our members - as well as additional members coming on board; so we are actively looking for a new larger site.

Currently, we have been augmenting our current Hub’s footprint for transhipment, as we manage the logistics of ADR Packed Dangerous Goods from Full Pallets, Half Pallets as well as our ADR parcels service – working in concert with our UK Members as well as our Southern and Northern Irish Depots and Mainland European Members.

We have a new parcels sortation building as well as a rear loading canopy – and now our latest structure is one we’ve purchased from ZappShelter.

The new structure has been commissioned with thanks to the facilities management team from Depot 002 HW Coates Byley and 022 HW Coates Rugby [who with our DGSA qualified Technical Administrator & Engineer Dan Harris] worked with the project manager from ZappShelter to erect the new structure.

More information about ZappShelter is available from THIS LINK

If you need assistance in the Logistics of Packaged Dangerous Goods, please feel free to contact Hazchem Network’s Nada Marinovic, as we’re here to help as we are the UK’s only Pallet Network devoted to Dangerous Goods under ADR with our award-nominated emergency response service www.hers-info.co.uk

TEL 07712 662431

EMAIL nada@hazmail.co.uk