Keeping the Vets supplied

27 March 2017

The Rugby Team at Hazchem Network were delighted to hear from Delivery Solutions [aka ‘Delsol’] about their experience expanding their services with niche customers, since joining our ADR Infrastructure.

Vital supplies for farm vets to keep sheep and other livestock free of potentially lethal parasites are being kept on the road by Delivery Solutions.

The North Wales Logistics Operator transports around 40 tonnes a week of pallets and parcels for Bimeda, which makes and distributes animal health products and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Delsol’s HGVs call daily at Bimeda’s UK headquarters in Llangefni, Anglesey, to collect the packages, which are transported to a base in the Midlands for distribution overnight to Bimeda’s customers. 

The items are among the wide range of goods carried by Delsol under its membership of the Hazchem Network, the UK’s only Pallet Network dedicated to the carriage of Dangerous Goods throughout Great Britain, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

Delsol was invited to join the network in March 2016 and in past year has moved more than 3,700 items under the ADR regulations, from perfumes and medicines to industrial solvents and paints.

For Bimeda, it includes anti-parasitic treatments such as Osmonds Gold Fleece and Ectofly to treat and prevent blowfly strike, ticks, keds, lice, and scab infestations on sheep and lambs, plus Bimectin Pour On for gastro-intestinal worms, lungworm, warbles, mange mites and lice in cattle.

Warehouse supervisor Stephen Jones said

"Bimeda opened here in Llangefni in 1999 and we’ve used Delsol right from the start. The pharmaceutical items are made at our plant in Ireland and then brought over to Anglesey, where we pick and pack, to collate orders for customers."

"Delsol comes along each day to collect the orders and arrange for their delivery the next day. It’s essential that our customers, who are often vets, have a rapid service as they require the treatments and medicines quickly."

"Not all the items need to be moved under the Hazchem requirements but it makes my job a lot easier to have one reliable company dealing with all the delivery of our parcels, no matter the size of the order, which can vary from a couple of pallets  holding up to 1,000kg to just a small package."

"Delsol provides excellent customer service at the right price - and we know the delivery is safe and secure."

Delsol, which was founded by Simon Walker and Tony Parry, employs 115 staff at its bases in Sandycroft and Flintshire, and offers same day, overnight and international delivery and collection services. 

The company’s vehicles deliver items around the UK and across the globe to retail, commercial, industrial and private addresses, for large companies through to small enterprises and personal customers. 

Delsol works with Hazchem Network and other partner delivery networks to ensure Bimeda products reach customers rapidly, said joint managing director Tony Parry.

"We understand that Bimeda’s customers, such as vets and farmers need to receive their orders quickly as the health of animals in their care depends on it."

"Because of the nature of the products, many of these items are classed as hazardous under ADR and IMDG, which is why our drivers are specially trained to handle products within scope of ADR; including handling emergency situations.

Bimeda Animal Health, with its headquarters in Dublin Ireland, develops and manufactures a wide range of veterinary products which are sold in more than 75 countries worldwide. The main focus is high quality products to treat and prevent disease and parasite infestation in livestock, poultry and horses.

Delsol was originally founded in Bethesda in 1999 by Tony Parry and Simon Walker. They opened a purpose-built delivery depot and warehouse facility in nearby Caernarfon in 2003, and six years later launched a second depot in Sandycroft, Deeside, Flintshire.

More details about the company at, or call 01248 679933 or 01244 525090