Depot Training at Hazchem Rugby

21 November 2016

Training is an important tenet of the value system at Hazchem Network, due to the highly regulated nature of the Logistics of Dangerous Goods. This is even more relevant when working in a collaborative supply chain, such as The Hazchem Network Infrastructure [the UKs only Pallet-Network dedicated to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods under ADR and IMDG regulations].

Previously we have trained colleagues at Ambient Pallet Networks, spoken at industry events as well as publishing information on regulatory and operational matters to assist the sector.

We have hosted training events at our hub often in-conjunction with colleagues such as from our partners at the National Chemical Emergency Centre in Harwell; as the importance of training can never be underestimated when working with Dangerous Goods.

Hazchem Network recently hosted a couple of training days in November at our hub for the traffic desk staff at our depots in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe.

We covered IT matters on our Hazchem-VIGO interface, in a series of interactive workshops, as well as ADR Awareness, ADR security, Limited Quantity and Frequently Asked Questions.

The feedback from our attending members was most encouraging, as everyone who attended enjoyed the sessions, which were in a relaxed atmosphere with a lunch provided.

When you work in a collaborative supply chain, it is crucially that the "Hub-and-Spokes" all work cohesively, and that we all help each other out as experience has shown that one should never be myopic when viewing the big picture.