The memory of days now passed

18 December 2015

Ali Karim our Managing Director attended his annual Christmas Meeting and Dinner [at The Drunken Chef in Thame] with his friends, recalling their time at United Transport / Interoute Transport Services. The annual meeting and dinner is affectionately termed ‘The Interoute Old Boys Christmas Dinner’, as we recall the time we shared working at United Transport; which at the peak in the 1990s, was one of the top five transport / warehousing companies in the UK in terms of turnover and staff numbers. Interoute Transport was formed following United Transport’s owners, the BET Group selling out to Rentokil, forming the conglomerate Rentokil Initial Plc. The new company had a worrying acronym RIP, which proved true as a management buyout resulted, and United Transport became Interoute Transport Services Ltd, and from the new company, came the genesis of Hazchem Network. It would be later that Jim Scanlan, HW Coates and John Hackling Transport joined forces, as the Bard once said "…and thereby hangs the tale…."

So as Hazchem Network traverses its 12th year of trade; we reflect upon the importance of some of the colleagues that were involved when the idea of a specialised Pallet Network dedicated to the carriage of dangerous goods under ADR, was just scribbles in notebooks. Back in 2001, Hazchem Network was purely an existential idea, a concept of sorts that arose when Interoute Transport Services joined Pallex; covering the OX and RG postcodes.

But even, earlier at United Transport in the 1990s, there was a connection with HW Coates as David Martin, Ray Engley, Brian Rogers and Ali Karim [amongst others] worked with a young Pamela Coates who also worked at United Transport; before joining the HW Coates organisation.

Following the start-up of Hazchem Network on 8th of October 2004, our Managing Director, meets up each December for a Christmas Dinner, in Thame with the colleagues who supported the idea that David Martin and Ali Karim came up with, which over a decade later [and with much help from others] became Hazchem Network.

Surreally, though friends, we remain solid colleagues especially Ray Engley and Ali Karim, who while at Interoute, were Operations Directors for Milk / Food and Chemicals Divisions [respectively], as their paths still cross, helping others in our sector on technical matters, with Ray at The RHA and Ali at Hazchem.

So as the Christmas break is almost upon us, and 2015 slowly slips into the folder marked ‘days now passed’, may the team at Hazchem Network Rugby, wish all our Depot Members, our Customers, our Suppliers, our Regulators and Enforcers a very Merry Christmas, with very best wish for 2016.

As Peter Drucker once said "…..the best way to predict the future, is to create it….." for to turn what was once existential [thoughts and abstract ideas], into a physical and a tangible reality, takes friends and colleagues to make things happen.