Bride arrives in Taylor's truck

05 October 2015

Local resident Lucy Dutton contacted Depot 029 Taylor’s website with rather a strange request asking if it was possible to arrange HGV transport to her own wedding.

Lucy decided against the traditional wedding car or horse-drawn carriage to mark the big day in favour of the heavy goods vehicle. She decided on a trucker-style entrance as her father and father-in-law are future husband are all lorry drivers.

Lucy said "it was amazing, all the guests looked absolutely gob-smacked. I just knew how different it would be to arrive in a HGV cab and it would mean something to the important men in my life. Alan Taylor gave us the transport for free and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done."

Alan Taylor MD of Taylors Transport Group said " we received a message from Lucy last August which began "This is a strange request ….." but it was very clear that all the men in Lucy’s life have a passion for HGV’s and driving so we were happy to supply the truck for Lucy and Stephen’s big day. It was a real surprise for all the guests on the day. Our fleet of over 200 trucks have delivered some unusual loads to some unusual locations nationwide and worldwide but I never expected one of our trucks to feature in a local families wedding album!"

Taylors and Hazchem are happy to help and wish Lucy and Stephen a long and happy life together

NB Photograph courtesy of local press – Mansfield and Ashfield CHAD