L.Q. training at TPN

02 September 2015

Hazchem Network passed reminders via our Dangerous Goods Column at Truck and Track Magazine regarding changes to the regulations on Limited Quantity [L.Q], click here to read the article.

We are assisting our colleagues at The Association of Pallet Networks [APN] to assist their hubs and their members to ensure compliance; as there is much confusion relating to L.Q. as well as the changes. There is also a serious problem of some organisations not complying with ADR regulations, as well as some organisations not declaring dangerous goods, hence putting lives at risk or injury.

We were asked by The Pallet Network [TPN] to run a training session to explain exactly what LQ means, as well as the changes, and also to add emphasis on the hazards of “Undeclared ADR”, often referred to as “black-wrap”, which not only puts people’s lives at risk, as well as invalidating insurance arrangements, and is totally unethical.

We are offering support to all APN Hubs, as they are all colleagues in the sector we are proud to work in, the Pallet-Network Arena.

Photo at Top A. Karim of Hazchem Network with Mark Duggan MD of TPN