Driver Shortage Crisis

23 June 2015

Many of us in the logistics industry have been growing concerned for some time at what we term the 50/50 crisis; i.e. that over 50% of our commercial drivers are over 50 years old, and we donít seem to be attracting sufficient qualified drivers to take up the slack.  

Hazchem Network as well as many other key logistics organisations have been lobbying our trade associations, working groups, regulators, politicians et. al. explicitly expressing our concerns about the serious problems facing the logistics industry [and therefore UK PLC] due to the shortage of commercial drivers .  

Recently Hazchem Network, with over 100 other logistics organisations within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [CILT] have been involved in an in-depth survey, from which the Institute will establish a series of recommendations for fleet operators, industry and government.  

The CILT report, as compiled by LogMark is available as a downloadable .pdf from this link   

Some of the Key Metrics from the report are

74% of members surveyed stated that their organisation is experiencing a driver shortage

61% of those surveyed revealed that they use agency workers regularly throughout the year

51% of organisations surveyed have failed to recruit drivers over the last 12 months

58% of organisations surveyed are not recruiting any trainee drivers

80% claimed it is the responsibility of business to find solutions to the issue

60% claimed that industry image and perception is a significant factor in the driver shortage

89% of those surveyed think the Government is not doing enough to highlight and deal with the driver shortage crisis 

CILT is the independent international professional body for individuals and companies associated with logistics and transport. It has over 33,000 members in over 31 countries worldwide Ė more information about the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is available here