First Aid Training

09 February 2015

Working in the highly regulated Chemical Logistics sector, one must ensure the team are well trained, and able to confront issues as they arise. Training is a key tenet in the operational activity at Hazchem Network. Recently we hosted a chemical spillage training course from the National Chemical Emergency Centre [NCEC / Harwell], which was well received by both the attending staff of Hazchem Network, as well as some of our members and third parties that attended.

As we are often asked about who we recommend for training, we wrote about some of our training providers here

Running a 24 hour operation [on a shift basis], makes it hard to organise training so we often hold sessions on Sundays. Recently we have been carrying out forklift refresher courses with J Coates Ltd, and also first aid work, with Terry Lee of Whylee Medical Training. We have worked with many first aid trainers over the years, but must state our appreciation of Terry’s training as he made the session, highly amusing as well as informative thanks to Terry’s experience [with the emergency services] which he drew-up during the session. His sense of humour and perspective was useful, as it helped us retain the information he provided, using real-fife experiences. We will be using Terry’s services in the future, as he made the session not only informative, but also highly entertaining.

Whylee Medical Training can provide in-house company First Aid Training courses if required. This would enable you to have your staff trained on site at your convenience. 

Established in 2010 by Terry Lee, whose background is as an Emergency Medical Technician, the aim of the company is to provide first aid training that is easy to understand at very competitive prices.

All of our staff are either currently serving or ex emergency services personnel.

Last year we purchased an automatic, voice guided De-Fibrillator for the Hazchem Hub, following an emergency situation with a trunk driver who showed the symptoms of a heart problem in the hub. Kerry Rayner administered first aid, and thanks to the swift actions of Kerry and the ambulance service, the driver made a full recovery, and returned to work, though he has since retired.

Terry Lee’s training company WhyLee Training is highly recommended, and he can be contacted directly here or via Tutorcare here

Details for Whylee Medical Training can be accessed below -

Tel 01923 893930 or 07804 884710