Remembering Phil Saxty

22 December 2014

The team at Hazchem Network were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Phil Saxty of Deltion Software.

Phil Saxty was a software architect and programmer whose contribution to the start of Hazchem Network was crucial. When Jim Scanlan, Ali Karim and Gary Cane selected Deltion Software to manage our online pallet network operation, we had the issue of ensuring the hub and members had secure visibility of the products [and their chemical information for carriage] within the supply chain. Unlike ambient networks, it is crucial that we can manage the vagaries of ADR, ensuring safety, and security within the supply chain. We met up with Deltion’s Directors Piyush Shah and Ted Horton who introduced us to their design engineer Phil Saxty, and his team of programmers / coders – from which an ADR version of Deltion’s Carriernet was created.

Ali Karim and the chemists at Harwell’s The National Chemical Emergency Centre developed the unique UN Number / Chemical Database, that would lie at the centre of Carriernet as a relational database – it was Phil Saxty that inserted it into the program, and checked its functionality [and efficacy] for the hub, depots and their customers. The chemical information is very useful in the event of a problem while product is within the supply chain – and deployed.

Hazchem Network’s use of Deltion’s Carriernet was acknowledged by Microsoft as an important innovation in logistics, and we were jointly awarded the distinction of being one of Britain’s digital elite.

Hazchem Network’s Managing Director Ali Karim joined Ted Horton [Director at Deltion] to pay our respects on Friday 19th December 2014, at Phil’s funeral in Reading,  joining Phil’s wife and sons Sean and Chris Saxty – with his wider family and friends to celebrate his life.

Phil Saxty was a remarkable man, and we all miss him.

Top Photo : Ted Horton, Chris Saxty and Ali Karim