Hazchem's 10 year anniversary

02 December 2014

At the Hazchem Network, we collectively deploy a cheerful, hard-work ethic, helping our colleagues in the logistics sector with our knowledge and experience of the transportation of hazardous goods. To balance the hard work, we also like to play hard.


So as the 8th of October 2004, was the first day of trade of our business, the Directors and Shareholders of the business instructed Managing Director Ali Karim to ensure that all the team had a good night out to celebrate. Thanks to Kerry Rayner who organised our 10th Anniversary Diner, we all met up at a Mexican Restaurant, where we enjoyed great food, plenty of drink – and had a lot of laughter reflecting the journey the first decade has been, and we toasted the future. 

The first toast of the evening was to the original five members of the team - Graham Smith [Operations Supervisor], Gary Cane [IT Engineer], Kerry Rayner [Network Coordinator], Tim Bond [Hub Operator] and Andy Swift [Hub Operator] that were brave enough to join Ali Karim [and Jim Scanlan] when Operations commenced on the 8th October 2004.


 Our second toast of the evening was to the members of the team that augmented our ranks, as the business grew, and continues to do so -

Dan Harris [Technical Administrator / DGSA]

Jason Greaves [Operations Supervisor]

Marek Basta [Shift Controller]

Ben Sutton [Hub Operator]

Adrian Cotterill [Hub Operator]

Gary Gosling [Hub Operator]

Lewis McColl [Parcels Operator being promoted to Hub Operator]

Keiran Harper [Shift Controller]

Nada Marinovic [Sales Director]

Shaun Wells [Scanning Operator]

Brett Richardson [Parcels Operator / Scanning Operator]

Shane Oliver [Parcels Operator / Scanning Operator] 

Ten years have gone fast, and our final toast of the evening was for the next decade of the Business, that is The Hazchem Network Ltd, the UK’s only pallet network dedicated to the carriage of palletised and parcel dangerous goods. 

“I have worked with many excellent people throughout my career in Chemistry and Logistics, at London and Coastal Oil Wharves Ltd [that became TDG Pinnacle], Watson and Gray Petrochemical / Marine Analysts Ltd, Inspectorate International Saudi Arabia, United Transport [that became Interoute Transport Services Ltd], SGS Redwood Petrochemical Analysts, and Gas and Equipment Ltd [that became Linde Gas UK Ltd] – but my greatest privilege is to have the good fortune to work with the people that are The Hazchem Network Ltd of Rugby”  

Ali Karim

Managing Director