NCEC feature Hazchem

07 November 2014

The march of time seems relentless, as this time last year Hazchem Network were invited to The Royal Society of Chemistry’s HQ in Burlington House, London to celebrate The National Chemical Emergency Centre’s 40th Anniversary.

This month, NCEC features Hazchem Network’s 10th anniversary of trade in their November newsletter

On 8 October 2014, the Hazchem Network, the UK’s only pallet network for the carriage of packaged dangerous goods, celebrated a decade of trade. Prior to opening its doors, the Hazchem Network was subject to extensive planning. One crucial aspect of this planning was to involve NCEC. We needed to ensure that we offered our member companies, and their customers, the best possible technical support. We worked with the chemists at NCEC to produce a unique chemical database. This was incorporated within our secure online software that linked UN numbers to mandatory carriage information. We also bought, under licence from NCEC, the ‘Tremcard’ suite and, crucially, NCEC’s Chemdata, the premier chemicals database, which provides Hazchem Network’s infrastructure with key information to manage the business. We also used NCEC’s training resource to provide all of our staff with chemical awareness training. Since then, NCEC has used our training rooms in Rugby for external training sessions and more are planned for 2015.

Read More Here from The National Chemical Emergency Centre’s November Newsletter about the genesis of Hazchem Network Ltd