The Carriage of Lithium-Ion Batteries

05 November 2014

At Hazchem Network, we are seeing many consignors realising that many configurations of Lithium Ion Batteries fall under ADR for carriage by road. 

Many consignors are confused with the classification of Lithium-Ion batteries, including Lithium-Ion Batteries “in Equipment” with many falling under Kemmler Class 9 : Miscellaneous Hazard for Road transport under ADR, with UN Numbers – 

UN 3090 Class 9 PG II, Tunnel Code E

UN 3091 Class 9 PG II, Tunnel Code E

UN 3480 Class 9 PG II, Tunnel Code E

UN 3481 Class 9 PG II, Tunnel Code E 

Guidance can be gained from your Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor [DGSA] or contacting our colleagues at NCEC, Harwell [National Chemical Emergency Centre], our level 1 partner on our emergency response service  

Guidance regarding the regulatory framework for the carriage of Lithium-Ion Batteries is available from these links via The National Chemical Emergency Centre 

And you can contact NCEC direct from this link as they provide assistance and consultancy with matters pertaining to all matters pertaining to the carriage of Dangerous Goods –  

If you need to organise the distribution by road, of these items or any other items that fall under the carriage of dangerous goods under ADR - please contact Nada Marinovic of Hazchem Network [Mobile 07712 662431] or  [Email]