It's our Birthday!

08 October 2014

On the 8th October 2014, the Hazchem Network will be celebrating 10 years of trade. Those members of staff that have been here from the start, still recall that first night of trade when 43 pallets came through the door, and today’s figures show September was the highest throughput for pallets to date, and the 7th consecutive month of an average of over a 1000 pallets a night. In the last 10 years, the business has seen expansion including the addition of parcel service and half pallets, as well as providing services into Europe.


We would like to thank old and new members for the continual support and efforts that have been made to ensure the success of the Hazchem Network, as with all companies we have experienced the highs and lows, but as a collective we have all strived to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of the hazardous goods sector, through the UK & Ireland and Mainland Europe. This has only been made possible by your efforts and retaining a sense of proportion and humour.


The members that have been with us from the start are Depot 03 Switch , Depot 15 Abacus  ,Depot 18 Miniclipper , Depot 20 Coates Newmarket, Depot 22 Coates Rugby, Depot 24 RHP, Depot 25 Rase, Depot 26 Welch Group, Depot 29 Taylors Transport, Depot 39 W H Bowkers and Depot 40 Nicholson's Transport.


Here’s to the future and another successful 10 years – thank you